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History and purpose

I started this engine a few years ago. My primary aim at that time was to learn and practice good C++. Today I would like to share my programming work and to bring new developers and users to it.


The engine is written in clean C++ and makes heavy use of RAII and the library 'boost'.

The whole user interface is standard C++ only and doesn't require the user to include any non standard headers besides the engine's own headers nor to use any platform or library dependant functions or structures. The aforementioned headers are not even included indirectly (except the boost headers).

Specific backends like opengl are plugins which can be loaded and unloaded at runtime. For every plugin type there is an abstract core interface plus additional interfaces that can be obtained from those. Here are the plugin types supported by sge:

Current status

The current codebase in git is considered to be in alpha state.

The following works:

What has to be done:

How to get it

You just enter the following in a terminal:

git clone git://

How to compile

You can either use cmake (which is recommended) or the Code::Blocks project files.

Building plugins or the test application(s) is optional.

To start the build run cmake . and pass the options to enable what you need. The following options may be specified:

For Gentoo users an ebuild is provided in the repository.


Note that some of these libraries may in turn require additional libraries by themselves.

Build time



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